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Inspirational stories from real people

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Today we want to recommend you three amazing books that tell the stories of ordinary people who faced serious difficulties, but were able to change their destiny and start a new life.

 “The Apprentice”, Tara Westover

An event book that has been on the list of best-selling non-fiction books for over two years. In it, Tara talks about her life from early childhood, but this is not just a biography. Few have had such a childhood, the conditions of which would be so unusual, dangerous and difficult.

The entire life of Tara’s large family revolved around the powerful, almost biblical figure of the father. All family members were Mormons, members of the Mormon community in Idaho. My father had an old farm at the foot of Baka Peak, and he made a living by selling scrap metal that he mined at a nearby car dump. All the children, including Tara, helped him in the most difficult work, knew how to drive a forklift, distinguish one metal from another, use heavy equipment, a car and weapons.

Tara Westover’s book makes you think about many things – about the nature of fanaticism, about injustice and misunderstanding, about what the good intentions of a person who does not doubt his righteousness can lead to, about how parents cripple the lives of children. But this book is also about how a person is able to overcome what seems insurmountable, about an unrelenting craving for knowledge and that even after a nightmare, a normal life is possible.

 Hillbilly Elegy by JD Vance

This is the biography of an author who has come a long way – from the marginal environment of a small town in the wilderness to a successful lawyer’s career. The book tells about those who in the USA are called “rednecks” or “hillbilly”.

Hillbilly are the descendants of Scottish and Irish immigrants who moved to America in the 18th century. They settled in the Appalachian Mountains (according to one version, hillbilly is literally a friend from the hill). In the Scottish language, the word hill-folk refers to a separate group that lives by its own laws. Since the time of the war between the North and the South, Hillbilly have been engaged in the distillation and trade of alcohol, which also contributed to the stereotypical idea of ​​them. The only merit that is recognized for them is the creation of country music. In general, they are unbridled people, drinking, violent, far from civilization and generally half-wild.

Jay Dee’s book is not a sociological reflection, but a family story that helped the author get back on his feet. Vance is only 31 years old, and by his own admission, he himself is amused to see the inscription “memoirs” on the cover of his book.

This book is more than just a biography of one young lawyer, or it would not have become a bestseller. Many recognize themselves in it, their hopes and sorrows, their desire to escape from their familiar environment and at the same time fear of another, new life.

The Salt Trail by Raynor Wynn

The story of an elderly British couple, who, instead of a calm and prosperous life in retirement, is forced to face a harsh reality: the loss of a home and almost all savings and a serious illness of one of the spouses. Evicted from home, the couple defy fate and set off on the famous Salt Trail, one of the most scenic hiking trails in England. They will face severe trials, meetings with amazing people and, most importantly, new hope.

Raynor Wynn’s book will inspire you to new achievements. Wherever you are, whichever way you go, everything in this life can be changed for the better. It is important not to give up, believe in the miracle of life and look only forward.

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