How to earn rewards in Madden 17 Ultimate Team

Madden 17 Ultimate Team features a generous selection of activities. Completing multiplayer and single player challenges is a great way to earn valuable items. It’s a good idea to look into the MUT objectives rewards before resorting to premium options.

Live tab is the place to stay up to date with what’s going on in MUT. Players are advised to check out the Objectives section to find out what tasks need to be completed to earn rewards. Solo challenges, various accomplishments and completing sets are just a few of the to-do list checkpoints. Completing them all will yield nice prizes.

Solo challenges are played against the computer. This is the best way to earn rewards as a Madden 17 beginner. There are four difficulty options and many different challenges. Players can stick to normal challenges until they get a better team and then proceed to challenges that have special rules like chemistry and such. Solo challenges have a resume option so players don’t lose their progress. In this category, players can find an activity called ultimate moments. This mode throws players into a match in progress. Matches are recreations of real games from the current NFL season. As it’s expected, ultimate moments feature some of the most spectacular games and can have alternate endings. Players can choose to end the game by bringing victory to the team that lost in the real game.

Goals are special objectives to be completed during a solo challenge. A goal completion popup keeps players up to date with their progress. Winning the game is not always a requirement when playing goal mode. Completing the goals is what is actually important.

Head to head are competitive multiplayer activities played against fellow Madden 17 gamers. To succeed in such an event players have to score six wins. Caution is required as two losses mark the end of the event. Players are randomly matched for a head to head event.

Salary cap is a mode where players are budget restricted. They can choose whichever players they like as long as they don’t exceed the salary cap requirement.