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How do you make digital contact more personal?

It is very difficult to keep the contact personal online. Nowadays you even see more and more companies that have given up the telephone helpdesk and have limited contact to a chat room and the mail. It is therefore increasingly difficult to get a good contact. How do you deal with that digitally? Read the options here.

Don’t replace everything

It is not a wise move to always have all communication digital. If you want as many citizens as possible to still be able to participate in society, you as an entrepreneur with your services also have a responsibility in this. So shutting down the telephone helpdesks is not a good move. It creates a bubble and less good contact with the customer and therefore also customer needs. And knowing what the customer’s needs are, you also benefit from that.

Customer journey mapping

It also helps to adapt the digital piece to customer needs, insofar as you can already digitally see how customers come to you. For example, if people first come to your website via social media, it is smart to organize the information on social media especially for these people. So not for the people who already want to go in depth. With customer journey mapping you map the customer route.

Voice of the customer

It affects a customer more than you think how you address them. The voice of the customer is therefore important. Do you use ‘you’ or do you choose ‘you’? With the voice of the customer you can also ask yourself which words are or are not used by your target group. If you want to address people of around 50 or older, youth language is not the most suitable style right now. You should also make sure that you write with the target audience in mind. It can help to think of a person who symbolizes your target audience. Your ideal customer.