Get Extra NBA 2K17 Virtual Currency with 2KTV

NBA 2K TV is a mini TV show available to NBA 2K17 players. It features interviews, trivia, community driven content, tips and guides.

NBA 2K TV is a TV show that is broadcast as an NBA 2K17 feature. It can be accessed from the main menu of the game. NBA 2K TV was introduced in 2014 with NBA 2K15. It had a positive response from the community so developers decided to keep it. Currently, there are more than 100 episodes. Each episode is also uploaded on YouTube so those who don’t play NBA 2K17 can view it as well. For those who play, the show has a bit more than content. It offers a chance to get some virtual currency by taking part in a quick trivia game. All questions are basketball related.

Players will answer questions that are NBA 2K themed such as “Who was on the cover of NBA 2K game in 2013?”. There are also questions that test players general basketball knowledge. Not all questions have a correct answer. For example, the question “What is your favorite game mode?” can be answered in any way. Players will still get a reward for answering it. This is a survey question that helps NBA 2K17 developers figure out what the community wants. Players earn 100 or 50 virtual currency for each question. Items that can be used for MyPlayer and MyTeam can also be won. Tip: There are community websites that list all questions and answers so if you don’t know an answer a quick Google search will have you covered.

NBA 2K TV is hosted by Rachel A. DeMita. Each episode lasts about 10-15 minutes and features diverse content. Players will see interviews with their favorite basketball personalities such as players and coaches. There are also discussions with NBA 2K17 developers who talk about game features, the future of the NBA 2K games and such. The show also provides tips and explains how to use certain features. In one of the last episodes, MyTeam expert Robby talks about his MyTeam lineup. Each episode has something useful and even something funny. Rachel’s face scan for MyPlayer is just hilarious.