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Customize your leather

As of right now, vintage shopping is very popular amongst young people. In almost every city you can find multiple vintage stores. Mostly students do a lot of vintage shopping, preferably vintage clothes, jewelry, accessories and decorations. If you look hard enough for these things, you might find some hidden treasures. Most of the time, there aren’t any items available… except for that one. You can find some very unique pieces that no one else owns. Sometimes the item is still in very good shape, but the color is a little bit off. Some people may not buy the item because of that, but that’s a shame. There’s nothing you can’t fix.  

These days you can make everything old, look as good as new. So why not that one item you found at the vintage store. Old leather bags, couches, shoes or jackets. Leather in particular can be renovated very well. You just need a little bit of leather paint to do the job. You are not only shopping very sustainably, you are also saving some money. Painting some secondhand shoes is way cheaper than buying a brand-new pair of shoes. Besides that, by using a leather dye kit, you can customize the product to look exactly how you want it to look. 

When people think about dying shoes, they usually just think of painting something black. But there a a lot of colors available. You can of course go for black or gray, if that is what you want, but don’t limit yourself with these colors when there are so many more colors to experiment with. There are paints with glitter in them or some are even metallic. Always make sure the item is as clean as possible before painting it, or the paint will not stick very well.